Now it is time to learn about your webmaster *mua ha ha* that's me. I made this website to showcase the some of things that I like and am interested in. If you find my stuff isn't waht you like, just click the X button!

EXEPHILE is my best friend in the entire world- she's more than just my friend, she's my soulbond and soon to be lifelock (only 1 more year!). I made a page about her, so you can get to know her, too just click on this text!

I am a proud wiccan! I love nature and look to it for inspiration. It makes me mad to see how badly people treat the Earth and the environment. I don't cast spells or do that sort of thing because I don't mess around with magic that I don't understand. But I do draw sigils and have an altar full of beautiful crystals and geodes!

UPDATE: Ok ok ok calling myself a Wiccan is PROBABLY not the best descriptor cuz I really don't know enough about gods and goddesses and spells an things, but I think Wicca and other religions that focus on nature are so beautiful!!!
I adopted these dragons from here! You can get your own from that site, too. Their names are Snake and Squeaky.
I am a Taurus! My BFF says that's perfect for me, but I don't know. What do you think?
Click the picture on the left to see some pictures I've taken!

Here are some blinkies and gifs featuring movies and shows I like!

Click Here to listen to some of my favorite music! I have a separate page for some vaporwave, synthwave, and new retro wave, so click here for that!

I am very patriotic and I love America!
Click here to see my 9-11 tribute page!

I love Alex Jones and am a proud INFOWARRIOR!


I like writing- Here's a thing I wrote venting about Star Wars.
I like taking quizzes! Fun ones, not school ones haha Here are some that you can take too!
I collect buttons, dollz, blinkies, etc. that I find around the web! Click here to see them:
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Other random stuff I like!

If you are a nazi, you are not welcome here! People of every race, color, and creed need to fight globalism and the industrial-technological system together!

I am against technological slavery! I know it's ironic for me to post that on a ((webpage)) but I hate what tech devices do to people. It seems a lot of the time, tech causes people to be less creative and leads them toward groupthink. Sure, there are some outlets like online role playing, building webpages(!!!), or digital art projects- but most people are not online to do that. It's all about getting on social media, tuning out and ignoring the world around them instead of exploring it. At this rate, history WILL vindicate Ted Kaczynski, and the moral arc of the universe will bend in his favor.

I don't like drunk drivers, if you drunk drive you're a huge piece of shit in my book!!!!

I despise SOCIAL MEDIA! It rarely promotes any sort of civil discussion, but instead promotes tribalism and is turning people against each other at an alarming rate.