This page is for my best friend EXEPHILE!! I have never met a person as funny, smart, talented, and generally amazing as she is. She is also the most generous and selfless person I know- she even helped me learn to do HTML so I could make this website! We have been friends since 2013 and I hope we are friends until 3013 . . . and beyond!

I'm going to fill this page with things that will hopefully tell you a little about her and celebrate our friendship. I hope that each person reading is lucky enough to find their own soulbond, just as I have.

EXE likes TEETH and EYES a lot. I don't get it but that's ok, maybe it's not for me to understand. It's just another thing that makes her a really cool person.

EXE and I both enjoy reading about conspiracies, though I don't think either of us would all the things that are true 'conspiracies'! Whenever we dive into a new topic, I like to think of us as Mulder and Scully exploring and researching together. I am Scully because I am the more skeptical one and she is Mulder because more knowledgeable of paranormal / supernatural things and open to new ideas.
EXE likes POKEMON. I wish I could tell you more about POKEMON but it's a bit of a mystery to me. I know her favorite type is the ghost type (I hope that makes sense), and she was nice enough to make a metapod for me once.
EXE is obsessed with THE SCARECROW from BATMAN. He's a villain who shoots gas at people. I wish I had a picture of him to show you but all I can find at the moment is a festive Fall type scarecrow so use your imagination!

One of EXE's favorite bands is DEATH GRIPS. This is the first DEAHT GRIPS song she ever showed me, so I am sharing it with you! I picked a version with the lyrics on the screen because it's a little hard to understand at parts.

OOPS THERE COMES A SMILE is another song EXE likes! When we go to thrift stores, sometimes she looks through the albums in hops of finding this- I hope she finds what she is looking for one day.

EXE used to like horses, but now she doesn't care about them. One of my favorite stories is how she used to bring a trash bag full of plastic horses to primary school when she was small. She doesn't do that anymore.
If we were dogs, we'd be these dogs!
Did I mention EXE loves the SCARECROW? It is worth mentioning twice, because she loves that character JUST THAT MUCH.

EXE really likes the 'Lion King'. One time she explained to me that Scar's name wasn't Scar, but TAKA. She also explained to me about the LION GUARD, but I don't think I can explain it back to you. Sometimes I call her a furry for liking the film so much, but I'm just messing with her, she isn't really one.
Here are some gifs and blinkies that express some of EXE likes, her interests, and other stuff!

Here is a list of random stuff EXE dislikes:
Geography Moths The guy from Maroon 5 Stinkbugs AIDS Toll Booths Cleaning The Beatles

!!!!!!!!BIG UPDATE!!!!!!!!
In 2023 EXE and I, Thoughtcrimes, passed our 10th year FRIENDAVERSARY!!!! We've known each other so long now! EXE when you read this I hope you know how thankful I am to be your BFF and that I have learned so much from you and about you! I want to get my PhD in you, just like Kirk Cameron said in "Fireproof". I believe in my heart that we will be friends for another 10 years, and then 20 years, and then one day when archeologists dig up our bones they will RADIATE friendship so strongly that the archeologist will say 'Holy shit this is the strongest Soulbond and Lifelock we've ever found!' Then he'll get money for a grant to start working on his PhD in friendship!