planet sarah

EXEPHILE @neocities- This is my best friend's webpage!! It's every bit as good as mine, no, it's even better!

JAUP: Just Another Useless Page- I'm in the JAUP! A huge collection of interesting sites for your surfing pleasure.

Heaven's Gate Homepage- The homepage for the notorious Heaven's Gate cult is STILL online! Visit this site for historical value AND beautiful late 90's graphics.

Space Jam Official Website - Are you ready for the great space jam? This website, like the Heaven's Gate page, is still up and has kept the original design and graphics, circa 1996.

Dan Bell's Dead Malls- This is Dan Bell's youtube channel- he has many videos documenting the Dead Mall phenomenon as well as other interesting documentaries.

Conspiracyx2002-A conspiracy site with a massive amount of content that I found while looking through Gifcities. One of the best online 'snake' games I've ever played! Warning: you'll waste a lot of time here.

Learn Library- Dozens of classic books all available in an easy to use website! Have you read 'The Island of Dr. Moreau'? It's good, so why not start there.

Find Sounds- A database of useful sounds that you can use for whatever you like. Some are no longer working, but most seem to work still.

Gifcities.Org- Part of, you can find almost any .gif image you're looking for!

The 88x31 Collection- A MASSIVE collection of 88x31 buttons.

Glowtxt.Com- An animated text generator website

Flamingtext.Com- Another animated text generator

Animation Central- "Where we serve up hundreds of free animations on the best free animated gif archive on the net today!"

Funky Chickens.Com - Funky Chickens will teach you how to REALLY code!!

Gif Animations.Com- Lots of animated gifs, unfortunately they are all watermarked- but maybe that is your aesthetic?

1a Gifs. De - A massive collection of oldweb gifs as well as button templates and other website resources. It's in German, but there's an English alternative page for you as well.

Youtube DLG- Quick!! Use this to save your favorite true crime youtube documentaries before they get deleted forever!

Color Cop- Perfect to pick hex codes off of colors you like.