Dear Diary,
Today I found out that I have a secret admirer. I learned this when I searched and found that someone saved my site!

Not only did they save it once, they saved it 18 times since June 10, 2019! I tell my rapidly beating heart to be still, but yet I am swooning. Who could my secret admirer be? Is it Nasim Aghdam saving it from heaven? Is it Alex Jones saving it live from Fema Region VI? Or is it you, Ted Kaczynski, somehow navigating the captial I Internet from Florence, Colorado's ADMAX federal prison?

But I must be realistic- in my heart, I know it is you and you alone my government assigned NSA Agent.

I think about you often, my government assigned NSA Agent. What are you like? What are your interests? Are you beautiful? Are you strong? Or do you have a "great personality"? Have you read 'The System's Neatest Trick'? Did you quietly, secretely, in the depths of your soul, the part you must keep hidden from the other NSA agents, agree with it? Did our hearts beat in unison at this realization?

I am thinking of you, my government assigned NSA Agent, just as you are thinking of me and watching me and logging my keystrokes. You are not just my government assigned NSA Agent, but my guardian angel.

Don't be afraid to talk to me, my secret admirer. There's so much we could share via encrypted video chat. Please consider my request, and know that I want to know you as well as you know me; it is my kokoro wish. You can do this in secret, with a code only you and I will know. It will be our secret handshake, the start of our beautiful friendship: save my site on once more.

It's October, my beautiful, mysterious NSA Agent. The time of year for pumpkins and bats and goblins but it's February 14th in my heart because today I checked and found the gift that you left for me. Not only did you archive my website, my humble neocities page, but you saved it TEN MORE TIMES. I'm without words, my one true love. When will you make yourself known? Why does our love have to be kept in secret? Reach out to me; I want to know you just as well as you know me. If you can't shake your government programming entirely, at least let me know our love is strong by archiving my site once again. Until then, my sweet!