I am sick of people telling me what I should and shouldn't like, and what is ok to like and not like. When someone says to me "you shouldn't like (whatever)" it makes me think of the book 1984 by George Orwell where the party decides what's safe for people to do and think and that is why I called this page, THOUGHTCRIMES, because it's here where I commit my THOUGHTCRIMES. It's where I can write in huge text I HATE BIG BROTHER without anyone else knowing about it. This is my website and I can post whatever I want, and if you like the same things and are interested in them too we should be friends :-) but if you don't like it, tough luck! There are plenty of other cutesy sites you can check out instead.

It is because of DISSOLVEDGIRL that this website exists, and it is thanks to EXEPHILE's undying patience in helping me code that it's mostly functional.

Here's my button and a code so you can copy and paste it to your site! Let me know if you did, and we'll trade buttons!