This is where I'm going to keep a collection of creepy and upsetting links. This might be news articles, wikipedia pages, or whole websites- I'm not entirely sure yet. I just wanted to house them all in one place that wasn't the general links page. I'm also going to do my best to post stuff that isn't super obvious or very well known.

What Are We Going to Do About Tyler?- "Tyler Haire was locked up at 16. A Mississippi judge ordered that he undergo a mental exam. What happened next is a statewide scandal.

Bile Bears- As the name suggests, bears that are kept to harvest their bile, however they aren't killed to obtain it.

Anatoly Moskvin- Anatoly Moskvin’s Parents Thought He Collected Vintage Dolls — They Were Really Young Mummified Girls

Dyatlov Pass- The once unknown story of the gruesome deaths of 9 Russian hikers finds new life online. Horrific findings include one hiker missing her tongue. Article includes a short Youtube video of where the bodies were found.

The Hi-Fi Murders- One of the most horrifically violent robberies ever.

Delphine LaLaurie- A slave owner in Lousiana who conducted grisly, torturous, experiments on her slaves. "One particularly disturbing report claimed there was a woman whose bones had been broken and reset so that she resembled a crab, and that another woman was wrapped in human intestines."

The Nazino Affair (Cannibal Island)- Soviet political priosners and petty criminals were abandoned on this Siberian island with extremely limited food and supplies; cannibalism ensues. 6000+ arrive in May 1933, in only a little over a year 4,000 of the deportees were dead or missing.

Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God- Ugandan cult mass murder that no one talks about, despite having claimed 900+ lives. Most of the Movement's leaders were not caught. Also: A podcast about the cult.

Reddit's 'Morbid Reality'- A subreddit that hosts links to grim newsarticles, frequently updated!

A Wikipedia list of Unusual Deaths- Exactly what the link says, and they are VERY unsual.